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tunefl 1.4.4 LilyPond Ruby released

tunefl: LilyPond mini-score engraving and sharing service for musicians.

I am pleased to announce tunefl 1.4.4—a release upgrading small things. As a general celebration and overhaul of the tunefl project, I also today announce upgraded tunefl servers. :)

tunefl now has 5 GitHub stars, 1 GitHub fork, and has engraved 2694 valid mini-scores, which are easily shareable on your social network of choice.

As ever, I render grateful thanks to the LilyPond project contributors (, whose continued hard and excellent work makes such a simple, yet useful, service as tunefl possible.


  • start of support for Ruby 2.1.0; end of support for other versions (please wave if this upsets you :) )
  • upgrade of gems
  • timeout long-running compile jobs

tiredpixel ☮