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moon over dark mountains
a temple, quiet
thunder cracks
we are
fluctuations of static
let us whisper soft
photos copy
she stacks the chairs
opening chords
no rain outside
if rain
for the trees
music played
we remember you
unconcerned, you sleep
colour compressed
they need no keys
pink taxi
in the city
an unfolding wireframe
in bright sunlight
we are
walk not always forwards
slow breeze
you smile and ask
you, whose tired eyes
outside the window
with thoughtful steps
that summer day
i remember
hold my hand
the rain did not stop
although we forgot
remember the silence
if it rains
just such a walk
a shade unused
pouring rain
in the moonlight
we will gaze anew
let not the rain
do not cry
hold we to an hope
how well i remember
i hear the sound
miles above
let us tell
how well she knows
an ignorant breeze
between lives and lights
a tear
like snowflakes, possibilities
all water drops
just another day
damp mist hovers low
frosty pavement
in the end
homeward lights
each threaded cross
let us sit
red sunlight
leaves, like
cracked tarmac
a journey
you play jazz
leafless trees stand
with each wave
in your dreams
two angels
she had no words
city birds
constant hum
and can you hear
she looks away
we carried spirits
only the wind
smoke, and shadows
new sunlight
a whisper
lights, warmth, laughs
thousands of leaves
grey, greyer, greyest
you blow at the candle
at the end
the sun could not rise
old tree
your footsteps
between some dark place in space
speckled shadows
metal tree
early curtains closed
empty park
wisps of red
mist hovers low
we sorted
the stillness
slow lines
rousing rush, of orchestral hue
an evening together
the sun, low
remember the warmth, of
bandied tales
three lives
even if
in the space
the soft rustle, of
still trees
they flit
now you are eternal
the world
we are one
the light so bright
new pen full
we leaves
in our dreams
like bulbs
swirling snowflakes
the day
you played
the grass
a palace
if rain
in the winds
we are
the rain
we rushed
soft air
we embraced
in the hours
buzzing bees
fragmented colour
the trees
we awoke
i sat
we faced
we lived
we had
and for dinner
neon spectres
we see
how brief!
carefully avoiding
oh, that we should live
the clouds
you say
we asked
the sun gave up
a blink ago, we left
under hard sun and infinite skies
this tastes, to me
we lay in the sun
you ask
the rain, desperate
when yellow turns to grey
you sleep
the pale moon
after the storm
the path
and we talked the night away
i touched a blade of grass
what beautiful things