Cardano stake pool

In addition to my work on distributed and highly-available systems such as Isoxya, I operate an independent, highly-available Cardano stake pool, to which you can delegate your Ada cryptocurrency to receive rewards. Crabs have years of experience living in rock pools, hence the ticker. 🦀


Pool Ticker Pool Pledge (ADA) Pool Margin (%) Pool Cost (ADA) Pool ID
CRAB 10K 1 340 54c55cc110c9b42680a07a9e7438a2b346b8a6aa18ed948ba6074021


  "addr": "",
  "port": 3001,
  "valency": 1


  • HA block-producing nodes (multi-AZ)
  • HA relay nodes (multi-AZ)
  • dual-stack IPv4 & IPv6
  • multi-layer security
  • semi-automatic security patching
  • automated backups
  • DDoS protection
  • VLAN private networks
  • redundant networking
  • high-speed internet uplink access
  • servers in Germany


  • HA block-producing nodes; most other pools don’t seem to offer this
  • non-parallel operation HA method, to minimise harm to the Cardano network resulting from accidental forks
  • super low fees! I’m using extra capacity within my custom-designed, fault-tolerant infrastructure, which I also use for other projects such as Isoxya
  • significant amount of my own capital invested, delegated to the same pool


  • years working as devops engineer, programmer (including Haskell), & data architect
  • 22 months’ consultancy for a FinTech in London
  • fields: big-data architecture, distributed parallel processing, high-availability systems, Linux platform engineering, Linux security
  • roles: vp of engineering, big-data architect, senior engineer, consultant


Cardano is a third-generation proof-of-stake blockchain platform, running the Ada cryptocurrency. In contrast to many other digital currencies, it does not require large amounts of computing resources to maintain, or even to generate new currency. This I believe to be a factor which will turn out to be of critical importance in the long-term success of cryptocurrencies. What is Ada? goes into detail about how Ada is extraordinarily innovative, and very different in research, design, and development to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others.

One of the consequences of the proof-of-stake system is that uptime is far more important than available computing power. This makes it a perfect extension of my years of experience in the high-availability and distributed computing fields. Ada supports the concept of ‘delegation’, allowing you to delegate your own Ada held in private wallets to a stake pool to gain rewards from participating in the network, whilst still holding the currency securely and being able to spend it at any time (do not transfer your Ada to a stake pool operator for this purpose; that would be a scam). Above you can find details of how I am running my independent stake pool, to which you can delegate your Ada currency to join my own significant investment (in both time and money).

If you have any questions, you can get in touch. I also recommend you subscribe to my newsletter, to receive updates about the operation of the stake pool and my other projects such as the Isoxya next-generation crawling system.