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Posts for year 2014

Date Title
tunefl 1.4.6 LilyPond Ruby released
puppet modules using librarian-puppet
no rain outside
puppet master git repository
if rain
for the trees
music played
we remember you
unconcerned, you sleep
colour compressed
Tor Installation OS X Step Three
they need no keys
secure static websites using AWS S3, SSL, AWS CloudFront, and AWS Route 53
pink taxi
suboptimal paths
ryespy 1.1.1 Ruby gem released
in the city
from cumberland wharf
an unfolding wireframe
in bright sunlight
ryespy 1.1.0 Ruby gem released
tunefl 1.4.5 LilyPond Ruby released
redis-to-collection 0.1.0 Ruby gem released
not gone
we are
capistrano-scm-strategy 0.2.0 Ruby gem released
capistrano-scm-strategy 0.1.0 Ruby gem released
sidekiq-spy 0.3.2 Ruby gem released
walk not always forwards
slow breeze
puppet masterless server automation on a very small scale
tunefl 1.4.4 LilyPond Ruby released
ryespy 1.0.0 Ruby gem released
chocolate muffin
o song, from ancient wells eternal sprung
curses! conditional ruby gem installation within a gemspec
sidekiq-spy 0.3.1 Ruby gem released