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Posts for year 2013

Date Title
you smile and ask
you, whose tired eyes
tunefl 1.4.3 Ruby released
outside the window
replacing the keyboard of a macbook air
with thoughtful steps
finding words
that summer day
sidekiq-spy 0.3.0 Ruby gem released
i remember
sidekiq-spy 0.2.0 Ruby gem released
hold my hand
the rain did not stop
walking all combinations of infinite lists
although we forgot
remember the silence
if it rains
iptables port forwarding using puppet
mathematical kitchen
just such a walk
a shade unused
loch ness monster
how to deploy clojure applications using bakesale
pointy buildings
let’s stop embedding config in repositories
pouring rain
in the moonlight
we will gaze anew
let not the rain
do not cry
hold we to an hope
how well i remember
i hear the sound
miles above
let us tell
how well she knows
an ignorant breeze
between lives and lights
a tear
like snowflakes, possibilities