Talking to a computer near you. Just completed backpacked solo run from Cádiz to Barcelona (1568 km).

A software engineer by trade, my recent work mixes technical consultancy in containerised systems, natural-language processing, and development of large-scale internet data-processing engines.

With 7 years’ experience in the industry and an additional 14 years’ programming previously, computing and mathematics have long been core interests of mine. During the past 4 years, I have mostly focussed on big-data architecture, distributed parallel-processing, and high-availability systems. Notable roles include VP of Engineering; Big-data Architect, and Senior Engineer, and I am equally comfortable in DevOps, Development, and Data roles.

My interests are diverse, and include systems, music, travel, running, linguistics, mathematics, and philosophy.

Email tiredpixel@posteo.de
GPG Key Fingerprint 36D4 DEB7 320A B51A C28D 7F8E D68A 70E3 2F44 FAFC

May you find peace, and help others to do likewise.