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about the pixelated one

tiredpixel is a computery thing by trade; as a programmer, currently writing mostly in Ruby and Python, with open-source code released in Ruby, Python, Clojure, JavaScript, and Shell; as a devops/sysadmin, currently mostly using various AWS services and Ubuntu Server. tiredpixel has particular interests in computing, data (big, small, and napkin-sized), mathematics, and human languages. tiredpixel is sometimes known to use the third-person.

If you’re a friendly animal, vegetable, or mineral, and would like to wave, then that would be lovely. :) Throughout most of the internet (Twitter, GitHub, Stack Overflow, DeviantArt, Flickr), tiredpixel’s username is—wait for it—tiredpixel.

Email Status GPG Key ID GPG Key Fingerprint active 36D4DEB7320AB51AC28D7F8ED68A70E32F44FAFC 36D4 DEB7 320A B51A C28D 7F8E D68A 70E3 2F44 FAFC

By special request, tiredpixel can also keep an eye out for smoke-signals.

May you find peace, and help others to do likewise.