Postgres-XL Docker releases

2019-10-25 · computing

This post was originally published on the website of Pavouk OÜ (Estonia). On 2020-06-12, I announced that Pavouk OÜ was closing. The posts I wrote have been moved here.

We’re pleased to announce two new releases of Postgres-XL Docker— a Docker image source for Postgres-XL, the scalable open-source PostgreSQL-based database cluster. The images are based on Debian. Docker images are available. These releases contain build updates for Postgres-XL 9.5 and Postgres-XL 10.


  • Postgres-XL 10 is available on Docker Hub:
  • Postgres-XL 9.5 is available on Docker Hub:

Release notes

#38: Submodules documentation

Documentation was improved to make it clear that Git submodules need to be pulled.

Thanks to @sstubbs for this open-source contribution.

#39: Shared-image build tweak

A build tweak was made to use a shared-image approach using YAML anchors.

Thanks to @sstubbs for this open-source contribution.

#40: Return of the Netcat

Netcat was removed from the image in the previous releases, since the GTM healthcheck was much improved to not require it. However, a case was made that it was useful for alternative styles of healthcheck, such as some are using for using Postgres-XL on Kubernetes.

Thanks to @LamaAni for this open-source contribution.

#45: Jammy healthchecks

There appears to be a race-condition in upstream Postgres-XL when calling createdb from 2 coordinators at once. This was reproducible multiple times, and investigation showed that others, too, were working around the issue. This caused the cluster bootstrap to fail unpredictably. A hacky workaround was added, to add a random sleep to each coordinator node during the bootstrap process, making a race much less likely.

Thanks to @tiredpixel (a.k.a. me) for this open-source contribution.