Postgres-XL Docker releases

2019-09-20 · computing

This post was originally published on the website of Pavouk OÜ (Estonia). On 2020-06-12, I announced that Pavouk OÜ was closing. The posts I wrote have been moved here.

We’re pleased to announce two new releases of Postgres-XL Docker— a Docker image source for Postgres-XL, the scalable open-source PostgreSQL-based database cluster. The images are based on Debian. Docker images are available. These releases contain a build update for Postgres-XL 9.5, and an upstream update and build update for Postgres-XL 10.

Release notes

  • [#25] rework cluster healthchecks extensively, adding bootstrapping phase; this makes the image far more friendly to Docker Swarm or Kubernetes, as it introduces an initial phase where healthchecks pass by default allowing traffic to flow, until the first success after bootstrapping switching to proper healthchecks
  • [#29] improve GTM healthcheck to not throw (harmless) error, using pgxc_monitor rather than Curl or Netcat; pgxc_monitor is now compiled and included in the image, unlike before
  • optimise example scripts, taking into account new healthchecks
  • rework release tags to be clearer in future, tracking 2 branches within upstream Postgres-XL: XL_10_STABLE, XL9_5_STABLE; these 2 are now tracked in new branches: master-XL_10_STABLE, master-XL9_5_STABLE
  • update upstream Postgres-XL 10 to XL_10_R1_1-313-g31dfe47
  • maintain upstream Postgres-XL 9.5 on XL9_5_R1_5-451-gaed0774


  • Postgres-XL 10 is available on Docker Hub:
  • Postgres-XL 9.5 is available on Docker Hub: