Stage 1.2: San Fernando – Chiclana de la Frontera, Spain

Wishing I hadn’t rinsed my running-top through, I finally complete my packing and probably pull a face whilst pulling on damp clothes. Exiting town today is faster. Cycling roundabout! That can be for me, too. ;)

Passing rivers and what appears to be a nature reserve on the left, I am momentarily concerned by the upcoming bridge. Admittedly, there’s not much traffic, but still… And then I see a pedestrian-only bridge on the right. Perfect! More of these, please!
The water around really is lovely. Wide expanses, small boats. But I can see why I’m having to take such a detour; according to the map, there are no roads through the water. Well, you know what I mean. ;) #Moses
No-one around except for cyclists. Some eye me curiously. I’m slightly ashamed to admit it, but I eye their bikes a little jealously. :P On the right, a train-line. A train comes towards me and hoots. Maybe to tell me I could’ve simply bought a ticket? ;)
At the northernmost point, towards Puerto Real, I turn off. This is probably the most northern I’ll be for a long time. #ChipsAndGravy Silly to go north then south, but it avoids the big road. The overpass ramp has cracked and is breaking away. #MindTheGap
Having to join the main road for a little while, I am grateful for the cycle lane. It feels a little inadequate, especially for a runner, but at least it’s fairly wide. (The cycle lane, I mean.)
A cobbled surface, very quiet, with expansive fields and tall, top-heavy trees in the distance. The sun is pretty bright, now, and we’ve reached midday. I am grateful that I’ve brought water, this time. #FollowTheYellowBrickRoad
Running through the country, the surroundings are really beautiful. The colours contrast strongly in the midday, and the road alternates between shade and sun. The shade feels a little cold, because it’s hard to expel moisture with a backpack. ;) #sweaty
I need to mention my backpack. It’s one of those airflow ones, keeping a tautness to allow air to circulate. Except behind the netting is plastic, with an air-allowing ridged design. Which feels like being punched repeatedly by small hands. Need to sort this.
I pass by what appears to be a goatherd. It’s an unexpected and pleasing scene. But I’m suddenly getting really tired; although I brought water, I didn’t eat. Well, not last night, either, as I wasn’t hungry. Which would be fine, without a backpack. #smart
It’s interesting how concentrated thoughts can be when running. When thirsty, all you can think about is water. Cider. Beer. Something cold. When hungry, your whole mind is occupied by intense images of sandwiches, dinner, cereal bars. By now, I’m walking.
And just like that, my run has basically collapsed within the period of a couple of kilometres. I barely have the strength to walk, never mind run, mind still obsessed with food miles away. I’m amazed Google Maps found this path, and wish I could enjoy it more!
The last few kilometres are just spent walking—slowly. So it appears I should not only take water, but eat as well… Entering town, I buy the first food I can find—a Swiss-roll—and feel both stronger and sick. :P Checkpoint. 18.9 km (stage) / 38.9 km (total)