Stage 1.1: Cádiz – San Fernando, Spain

The temperature started off at 8°C, with the weather mostly sunny. But getting out of Cádiz on-foot is hard, despite having discussed it with my host this morning. The first two bridges turned out to be vehicle-only, and I had to double back.

After kilometres in the centre, I take the southern exit from the island. The sea here is stunning, a deep Mediterranean blue (which I suppose isn’t surprising, considering…). Very pretty.
Not very pretty. The roads around are intense, often with no pavement, and often motorway-like. Far too dangerous to run—if it’s even allowed. Thankfully, when you’re tired of concrete, the beach is an option…
I hadn’t intended to run on sand, just because of the extra effort, but I’m glad I do. This is a truly stunning stretch, wide and peaceful, with just the occasional dog-walker. Sure, the road runs right next to it—but you can face the sea instead. :)
A good place to rest. Some old guys in the dunes eye me suspiciously. Stare, in fact. This might because they know that you can’t go further, here, since there’s a military base. When I discover this, I have to double-back. They stare some more.
Quite a lot of time run-walking around, I realise I have to take the overpass. Again, no pavement. But thankfully, also no cars. I find the path I should’ve taken kilometres ago, populated by nothing more metallic than cyclists. I’m really wishing I’d packed water.
Turns out carrying water really is a good idea for these temperatures. At last, some shops. Right near the most stunning views. All as if building a huge supermarket right next to such beauty is normal. Which for some places, I guess, it is. In a way.
A little bit further, and San Fernando. Checkpoint. I intend to return to the same place, for the next stage. All pretty quiet. I really must learn to stop walking around during siesta. 20.0 km (stage) / 20.0 km (total)