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bank-account-statement 0.1.1 (Ruby) released

Dear Pixelings,

bank-account-statement: Bank account statement format transformation (HTML to OFX). (MIT Licence)

I’m pleased to announce bank-account-statement 0.1.1, the very first release! :D

Bank Account Statement is a program for transforming the format of bank account statements. For some reason, many banks don’t offer online bank statements in a readily-consumable format (this seems to be especially true in the UK). For example, despite it being possible to view bank statements online for UK bank The Co-operative Bank, statements for personal current (checking) accounts cannot be downloaded except in HTML. Business accounts often don’t fare much better.

Bank Account Statement mitigates this problem by providing input parsers and output generators, with a simple executable. Unlike various other similar programs, I am prepared to accept tested pull-requests for other banks and output formats. (Please remember to sanitise test fixtures!)



  • update packaging; new version so tags match built packages


  • first release! :D MIT Licence

  • support Ruby 2.2.3 only

  • bank-account-statement executable: --in, --in-format, --out, --out-format, --in-formats, --out-formats, --help, --version [tiredpixel]

  • add input format HTML/CPBKGB22/Personal/Current/V_2011_05_07, parsing HTML The Co-operative Bank (GB) Personal Current account pre-2015-03-03 statements [tiredpixel]

  • [#1] add input format HTML/CPBKGB22/Personal/Current/V_2015_03_03, parsing HTML The Co-operative Bank (GB) Personal Current account 2015-03-03 onwards statements [tiredpixel]

  • [#3] add input format HTML/CPBKGB22/Personal/Savings/V_2011_05_07, similar to HTML/CPBKGB22/Personal/Current/V_2011_05_07 [tiredpixel]

  • [#3] add input format HTML/CPBKGB22/Personal/Savings/V_2015_03_03, similar to HTML/CPBKGB22/Personal/Current/V_2015_03_03 [tiredpixel]

  • add output format OFX/V_2_1_1, generating OFX (Open Financial Exchange) 2.1.1 [tiredpixel]



28416921aa047bea26f849c5421a7ade  bank-account-statement-0.1.1.gem


67dd600f569b26e49968fe1a629340ee469ed7c7224115a87e1b15ff29efbc1f  bank-account-statement-0.1.1.gem


In addition to the checksums above, the Git tags are signed using my OpenPGP key, and the RubyGems packages are signed supporting

gem install bank-account-statement -P MediumSecurity