the ground beneath, not giving way
when we, in motion of our fate
do fall, and lie, in crumpled heap
and wonder, how it is, to rise
to sing, to laugh, to race the skies
to gaze the sun, with loving smile
when all we do is drown

the depths, through which we sink
no sight, no sound, for we, too deep
have vanished far, beneath the gloom
and struggle, with a timid faith
belonging to another time
and black things lurk, with us, unseen
awaiting end with eager hands

that which we breathe, against all odds
we rise enough, to gulp for life
and dimly see, the stars above
with saddened faces, gazing down
and knowing not, why we, of stars
are worlds away from light and hope
love meaning nothing, more than fear

mere fragments left, too often burned
no need for smoke, no signals here
beyond the ones we whispered loud
in times gone by, to nervous ears
who swiftly brushed from mind and sight
the pain they could not understand
we break again, with life unspent

the ground beneath, not giving way